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Ochrona kredytobiorców (konsumentów) kredytów walutowych we Francji

  1. Lesław Góral


Protection of borrowers (consumers) of foreign currency loans in France

The problem of the repayment of housing loans in Swiss francs concerns not only Polish borrowers. It has also occurred on the French mortgage market. The article contains an analysis of the solutions adopted in France and may turn out to be inspirational for the Polish legislator in solving a similar problem that is occurring in Poland. The author presents the origin of problems related to Swiss franc housing loans and court as well as out-of-court attempts to solve them. Then he analyzes French legal solutions which introduce the protection of the Swiss franc housing loan borrowers and formulates de lege ferenda postulates addressed to the Polish legislator.

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24/1, 2018

Strony od 117 do 135

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