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Tajemnica zawodowa dotycząca działalności funduszy emerytalnych i jej ochrona karnoprawna

  1. Anna Płońska


Professional secrecy concerning the pension funds activities and its criminal-law pro­tection

The paper discusses the concept of professional secrecy concerning the pension funds activities and indicates the substance of its criminal law protection. The main thesis of this article is that in the age of intensive economic development, an information, especially professional secrecy, becomes a par­ticularly important legal interest, which requires afar-reaching legal protection which is provided by criminal law provisions. The purpose of this paper is also the analysis of the legal consequences of committing adisclosure or use of professional secrecy offence under the Article 220 of The Or­ganization and Operation of Pension Funds Act of August 28th, 1997. The scientific method used in this paper is adogmatic analysis of law.

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23/3, 2017

Strony od 65 do 72

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