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Wspólnotowe społeczeństwa a wzrost gospodarczy. Mechanizmy oddziaływania

  1. Mariusz Maziarz


Community Societies and Economic Growth. Mechanisms of Influence

Recent econometric research showed that there is a positive correlation between collectivism of a society and economic development. In this article, I aim at analyzing the causal mechanisms that connect this dimension of culture and economic efficiency. On the base of the conducted meta-analysis of questionnaires, case studies and other empirical research, I coined the following four possible causal mechanisms that make economies of collectivist-oriented societies grow faster: (1) more efficient business relations among economic agents; (2) rarer egoistic behaviours; (3) increased security due to belonging to a group and (4) positive influence on innovativeness.


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22/1, 2016

Strony od 35 do 48

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