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Cechy Spółdzielni Socjalnej — kierunek zmian ustawodawczych

  1. Agnieszka Kłodnicka


Features of social cooperative — direction of legislative changes

It can be stated that Social Cooperative (SC) is a running-business-activity entity with specific attributes. However, classifi cation of SC as an “entrepreneur” in the meaning of Polish law, is not clear.
The author indicates the inconsistency of legislator’s actions concerning the functioning of the SC in the area of business activity. It appears that legislator’s course of action is unclear, and concerned persons (i.e. socially and professionally excluded) have to use a difficult legal form for challenging the market.
Despite that fact, thanks to its unique and distinct legal character, it shall fill the gap between welfare state and free-market economy. Because there is no information on business and social effectiveness it is necessary to make an analysis of the main legal obstacles, risks and their effectiveness. Such analysis shall constitute a basis for future legal changes.

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19/3, 2013

Strony od 9 do 19

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