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The bond of justice

  1. Nina Slanevskaya


The bond of justice

In this paper the author provides an introduction to the concept of the bond of justice. A framework is provided that begins with an overview of the role of justice in society, starting with the fundamental need of humans to have a set of rights based on sound principles. The author then goes on to analyse the concept of justice with regards to obedience towards government and other important institutions, before questioning its importance to the individual. Several important theories are touched upon, including the ‘justice by lottery’ and ‘I cut, you choose’ concepts. The paper then focuses on more global themes, namely global governance and the relevance of the bond of justice within a globalized world. The author highlights that as the world’s financial inequalities increase, so do its judicial inequalities. Before concluding, the paper hints at the obligation of institutions and individuals to maintain justice, and looks at what can trigger protests against injustice.

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15, 2007

Strony od 41 do 54

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